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Buzzing South Atlanta Rapper Ross Taxin Cook, Cuts & Debuts Single “$1,750” With Trap-A-Holics

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Upcoming buzzing South Atlanta rapper, Ross Taxin describes his sound as “crack music” due to his explosiveness and unpredictableness, but he’s talking about cannabis throughout the whole song? What is he talking about? After teasing a snippet of the official music video on his Instagram account, he called fans to post at least 50 comments before considering posting on Youtube. However, in less than 24 hours, after receiving over 150 comments, “$1,750” was released on all digital platforms on June 1, 2022. Welcome home Ross Taxin!
In his newly released single and music video with notable DJ Trap-A-Holics, Ross Taxin hilariously gives us a musical tour of his neighborhood in south Atlanta. In doing this, he tells us all about his “coming home” story and causal marijuana endeavors in a dangerous neighborhood, in this fast-paced energetic production created by his longtime friend Bunk (@heyybunk). Additionally, the music visual was shot and edited by another longtime friend Hunter Simich (@huntersimichimages).
Receiving 50,000 streams in a few days on, & an organic 10,000 with a music video on Youtube from original fans from 2018, Ross says he’s on a mission to “feed the streets” 20 singles, 20 videos, and 20 label offers before the end of 2021. He stands on a clear message that he is not “intimidated” or “worried” about surrounding rappers in the hood because they’re not organic, they don’t give back to the community, or reach out to local aspiring artists.
After not releasing music in 4 years, due to being sentenced to 18 months, Ross plans on taking south Atlanta hip hop in the palm of his hands by producing numbers that would shock others considering his independence. His single featuring Trap-A-Holics can be found on all digital streaming platforms such as Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal, and etc. Follow his raunchy yet comedic Instagram account @1rosstaxin for all updates regarding his shows, interviews, or recent performances.

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