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Rossina Grieco on the Pros And Cons Of Performing Solo vs. Chamber Music

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Music heals the weary soul. But music makers are not immune to the harsh realities of the music industry. The challenges in the music industry are many. The one facing all aspiring musicians at the beginning of their professional career is the questions,’ should I be a solo artist or a chamber musician?’ Famous pianist Rossina Grieco answers this question based on her experience as a professional musician.

Solo Music


Solo music is the ticket to stardom. Most musicians have an acute sense of individualism. They are prone to be moody and get lost in their own creative processes. Naturally, all musicians would love to go solo. However, like all things in life, going solo, too, has its own ups and downs.


It could take a lot of time before a solo musician get recognized in the market. Also solo musicians have to have the ability and the stamina to perform all by themselves during concerts.

Chamber Music


Chamber music is fun when you have a good rapport with the other musicians in the group. They say that two minds are better than one. That is true especially in any creative endeavor. Collaborating with other like-minded artists create a vibrant clash of musical ideas that can bring out surprising results to your music.


Playing Chamber music can get a bit stressful because each and every decision has to be agreed by all the members of the group. Rehearsal schedules can be hard to keep up with. Although great music can and has come about through great collaborations over the ages, most musicians tend to follow and build on their own unique style. This can sometimes come in the way of the overall production in terms of its goals and deadlines.

The decision the make music a career option is a big one. Very few people get to make it. Yet many continue to strive and look for ways to pave their path. Rossina Grieco’s advice to aspiring musicians who are facing this fork on the road is to go by what their heart tells them.

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