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Rising Singer Matiii Deserves All The Attention

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A deep-rooted style of storytelling lies at the heart of Matiii’s music. Fans of late discography seem to have picked up on hints of this through a pattern of lyrics that allude to realism. From conveying a plethora of complex emotions to simply talking about the things listeners go through every day, Matiii’s music has proven there is always a better way to say it all.

Matiii’s imprint on the industry can be seen through the hugely positive response her latest project has enjoyed ever since the soundtrack was released. Her childhood’s formative experiences can be seen through the reflections on her life as well as her career. Matiii’s art saw projections of mature articulation. The singer feels strongly about making heartfelt music, possibly even more than her contemporaries. This can be attributed to her wish to create songs that would not only have the listeners grooving but also ponder over what the lyrics mean. It is greatly fulfilling to Matiii to have her fans appreciate how sincere his lyrics sound, and not just that his tunes are catchy.

What makes her songs click? Who better to answer that than its maker – Matiii. Matiii sat down with us to give us the lowdown on how she believes music has the power to alleviate pain and even put an end to hate. The hitmaker has a simple theory – music speaks. It might say different things to different people, but it speaks nonetheless. And what it says can shift the world on its axis. Melodies and lyrics can do little on their own. Have the right person put them together and what you get is a powerful weapon.

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