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Meet Independent New York Artist, Jayson Echo

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Working as an independent artist has many advantages. You will most likely outshine your signed fellows as an independent artist in the entertainment industry. This is because you control your music career and creativity as well as manage your programs and finances. Jayson Echo is an independent artist from New York disrupting the airwaves through his unmatched music.

Jayson is a talented artist with an extensive catalog of music in all types of genres. Jayson could not be happier to have written for many other artists and played on New York Radio Power 105, hot97, and Chicago radio. A song he wrote, “Give it 2 U”, by J Brown, was co-produced on the top 10 RnB Billboard charts.

As an emerging artist, Jayson has been close to the top but has dealt with the struggle of being independent. However, his hard work, experience, resilience, persistence, and networking are now paying off. “Now, being that I’ve been around for a while in and out of these rooms and have built credibility as a songwriter and have many DJs who know me around my city, I’ve been working on my solo project and I’m ready to release music come fall 2022,” Jayson says.

One of Jayson’s plans is to keep doing the same thing he’s doing now on a bigger scale and also help those who went through the same struggle as him. Once he realizes this, he will move on to his goals of performing on a big stage with festival-type vibes and people singing a song he wrote or even singing along with one of his songs. 

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