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FlipzWorld Cutting Through The Noise

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The Cleveland based producer is making waves with his beat videos on instagram (@flipzworld) & his actual music which can be streamed on all platforms. Flipz has been producing since he was 8 years old & has relentlessly released music ever since early 2020. From his earliest single “Experiments” to one of his newest singles “Grounded”, he’s ready to release his latest project called “OddWorld” which is set to drop September 2nd on all streaming services. “OddWorld” incorporates new sounds but also has those hard hitting drums that point to that classic FlipzWorld sound. 13 crazy tracks to go through, consisting of a mixture of EDM, hip hop, R&B, trap, future bass & experimental.

“It’s a versatile album, which gives you a better look of who I am through my music this time around.”

“OddWorld” will definitely live up to its title!

If you can’t wait for that release he has tons of other music available to be played. Just about 100 tracks to choose from, some won’t be on Spotify, but his SoundCloud is filled with fun music. His latest single “Timeless legends” just released on July 14th. It’s a hard hitting Smash Brothers beat with a lofi vibe to it, with a splash of smash brothers voice samples sprinkled throughout the track. Be sure to give this man a follow & check his music out via the convenient link provided below.. It’s definitely worth listening to!

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