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Christian Phyfier Is The Steve Jobs Of Music, Creates New Music Streaming App That’s Changing The Entire Industry

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Since the death of the era of CDs, the music industry has been going through a consistent battle discussing the value of artist’s creative works on streaming platforms. With industry leaders like Spotify, Apple Music and Tidal at the helm of these discussions, there seems to have been no alternative until now. 


Scrybe Streaming CEO, Christian Phyfier has been working as a renowned music and sports agent for over 10 years, as well as an investor to numerous recording studios and a leading entertainment marketing agency. Christian surrounds himself with experienced music professionals that make up the rest of the team within Scrybe Streaming like Ex Record Label Executive, Torrence Burnett, and veteran Sound Engineer, Martin Owens. Phyfier states that Scrybe has been an idea for nearly 4 years, with the most time consuming issue being to develop a non-implosive business model and the perfect time to enter the market. 


“Scrybe is a streaming app developed with the artist’s needs first,” says Christian. Furthermore, ”With Scrybe we remove the complex system to how much an artist gets paid or how it’s calculated. There are no middlemen distribution companies who collect the money first and have hidden fees and agendas. There are no quarterly wait times for receiving your money and all artist’s have the ability to directly upload their content and control their profiles for free.”


This statement only scratches the surface of Scrybe’s efforts to assist the creators and record labels in generating more revenue. Artists are allowed to use micro transactions to set their price points, giving them the ability to dictate and predict monthly revenue earnings, which will allow artists, podcasts and labels to once again thrive from the money made. 


“I have spent the last 10 years as a student of the industry with a goal of wanting to see my clients achieve freedom through their craft. Scrybe is my personal solution to this ongoing issue of consistent revenue for the artist as well as minimizing the monthly cost for the listener.”


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All artists and podcasts using either Apple or Android are capable of uploading music directly at 

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