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E.P. the Dreamer Does It All For The Fans

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E.P. the Dreamer is an independent artist, producer, and audio engineer based out of Los Angeles, California. He got into music when his friend Rodney Finnell brought over his first Magix Music Maker and a few beat tapes. E.P. the Dreamer was blown away when he saw his friend freestyle to instrumentals by 50 Cent, Eminem, and The Luniz. This made him truly fall in love with hip hop and he started to dive into the history of rap music.


E.P. the Dreamer finally took music seriously when he turned 18 years old and decided to go to school to focus on audio engineering and producing. This helped him level up his musical skills and really find his place in the industry. He now is able to produce, mix, and master his own music letting him be a very hands-on artist. When people listen to E.P. the Dreamer’s music they will feel inspired and powerful. He wants them to experience punchlines, his stories, his drops, switch ups, and adlibs. Each piece of the song has a purpose he wants his fans to hear and feel.


He is currently working on a lot of interesting projects coming up for his fans. He has a collaboration album in the works that is about to start. He also has a single almost ready to release that focuses on the tough topic of depression and how it can affect your life. By July, he plans to release the track title for that song, but for now it remains a mystery to his fans. He already has plans for a music video for this track that will help deliver the message he is trying to get out to the world. To Keep up with E.P. the Dreamer follow him on Instagram. To listen to E.P. the Dreamer’s music, check out his Spotify.

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