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Comparing her debut record I Know to this latest effort, you can audibly tell and disseminate the growth she’s had in less than a year. It’s beyond impressive that any artist can get two albums out within a year of course, but the fact that they’re distinguishably different and unique is the true mark of an artist. While of course, we’re not sure what else is cooking up in her musical mind, we know for sure we’ll be listening to it whenever the next project drops.


Without giving too much away, let us point you in the direction of those important links below where you can not only listen but follow along with Burgerrockk ’s journey. Make sure to stay updated for more, because we’ve got a feeling even bigger things are on the way.

Music stars are creative and their creativity takes them to a new height of success. Burgerrockk is a young talented music star who was born and raised in Canada. Since her childhood, she was influenced by the top musicians. She was passionate about singing while studying at school. At the age of six, she got the opportunity to perform on stage and at local school events.

The Motivation

Since a very young age music has been a part of Burgerrockk’s life. Music has been one of the ways for Burgerrockk to connect with people and the world around her! For years Burgerrockk has worked on developing and perfecting her musical talent. This young artist is aiming to use her music and words to connect people all over the world!

Here is why Burgerrockk wants to share her music with the world: “My music is a vehicle that allows every emotion to freely engage with the music and with those that listen and embrace my music. The biggest motivation behind my music is connection. That is a connection with music, myself, and with others.”

The Message

Burgerrockk  as a musician wants to show people all around the world that we are all similar and that we can all connect with each other. Better said in her words:

“The message I want to send out through my music is that we are all people and we can all relate to each other on some level. We all have feelings and emotions that we all universally experience.”

Burgerrockk’s new single


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