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Producer Aric Christopher, Aka Miramar, Is Taking Over the Airwaves

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Creating a career in the music scene can be easy, but transforming it into a thriving path is where the line is drawn. The music scene receives hundreds of new, fresh, and vibrant talents who everyone anticipates building promising careers. However, not everyone has what it takes to hit the mainstream. It demands more than just musical talent, and no matter how cliché it might sound, hard work will always prevail over talent.

Aric Christopher, aka Miramar, is a successful entrepreneur, DJ, and producer making his mark on the music scene. He is a diversely talented individual known for his hits “Sunset,” “Stay,” and many others. The innately gifted musical talent shares an inspiring journey of rising against all odds to bring his dreams to life. Many of his fans know him as a passionate and hardworking producer who settles for nothing but the best for his clients and fans.

Though he faced numerous challenges in his early days, Miramar has displayed unparalleled resilience in overcoming the obstacles in his path. A man on a mission, Miramar says that he converts every hurdle into a learning opportunity, an approach that has helped him not make the same mistakes twice.

Having performed on some of the biggest stages in the country alongside working with other top industry talents, Miramar envisions himself growing to more significant heights. His dream is to continue releasing more fresh and thrilling music and hopefully expand his fan base to a global audience. He also wants to continue impacting and changing lives through his inspirational music. 

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