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Hip-hop Artist & YouTuber NemRaps Delivers New Release “Voice With No Name”

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Rapper and YouTuber NemRaps is making a name for himself through internet marketing and lyrical skill. His latest release “Voice With No Name” is buzzing throughout social media, and there is no ceiling to where NemRaps is going.


Coming from Charlotte, North Carolina, NemRaps always had a distinct way of creating that separated him from his local rap peers. That eclectic sense led him to find roots in internet rap communities where people from all over could share their love for music, entertainment, and culture in a way that wasn’t seen as weird. This counterculture became known as nerdcore, and NemRaps is one of the current front runners in the movement. His solo work as well as his work with his pop group NerdOut have made him one of the go-to artists in the scene, and his new release “Voice With No Name” is taking over internet rap circles.


Peep “Voice With No Name” by NemRaps on Spotify now and follow the artist on Instagram.

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