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Many people have said that they live and breathe music. No one embodies this interest in music quite like DJ DEZ 804 This rapper takes his passion for music a step further by making it his mission to bring quality rap music to listeners worldwide to continuously improve the rap industry.

DJ DEZ 804 has spent the last twenty years of his life in Richmond, Virginia. Witnessing violence in his beloved city has shaped how the rapper creates his songs. With his affinity for learning, DJ DEZ 804 dove deep into the city’s history and culture. He combined these insights with his street knowledge to weave unique tales and verses that have captured the hearts and minds of his listeners.

This promising rapper was not always known as DJ DEZ 804. For a few years, he went by the name Mattress God . Despite working hard at his craft, this talented musician did not achieve significant success. After taking time to reflect and re-evaluate, he felt something stir inside him. He awakened as a visionary and rebuilt his music career as DJ DEZ 804.

He draws inspiration from several artists from across time. With musical heroes such as Thomas Tallis, Beethoven, Tupac Shakur, Kurt Cobain, Michael Jackson and Lil Wayne, DJ DEZ 804 is inspired by their different styles. This rapper takes what he loves about these musicians and combines it with his unique perspective, creating music that stands out from the current rap landscape.

Aside from musical inspirations, DJ DEZ 804 also draws from the works of William Shakespeare. The Bard’s plays have given him an insight into a creative mindset. The rapper also admires the fluid lyricism of Lil Wayne. As he observed these great artists, this musician learned about how they achieved incredible feats of artistry. DJ DEZ 804 believes he is standing on the shoulders of these acclaimed artists and wants to continue their legacies.

A passion for the pursuit of greatness has always been alive in DJ DEZ 804. Over the years, the rapper has made it his mission to elevate rap music and protect it from forces that seek to corrupt it. One way he does this is by creating a distinct sound instantly recognizable from other artists. Another way he aims to elevate rap and hip hop is by supporting and uplifting the artists he works with.

Music has always had an honored place in DJ DEZ 804’s life. Music has helped this musician tell stories and create meaningful connections with a large number of people. It has given him a drive and a purpose in life. Dez has a soft spot for hip hop and for the individuals who enjoy it. Everything he does is to serve the dream of changing and revolutionizing the culture of music. As a rapper with big goals and a deep love for music. He is tirelessly dedicated to his craft and the legacy he wants to create. With every song he releases, he hopes to spread more positivity to the lives of rap and hip hop enthusiasts everywhere.

DJ DEZ 804 is on his way to change the rap industry. More information about him and his music can be found on this instagram!


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