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From Music to Art and Business: Cutthroat Cain is a Man on Fire

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Some people believe that their circumstances limit their potential. However, it’s possible to transcend those limitations and use adversity as fuel to make a difference in the world, as Cutthroat Cain proves. The multifaceted artist and musician has an uncanny ability to use any situation or environment he finds himself as a stepping stone, a skill he’s learned throughout his fascinating life.

Born Isaiah Cain, Cutthroat Cain is a young business mogul from the Inland Empire and the greater Los Angeles region. The artist has turned his street knowledge and reckless background into business expertise, self-ownership, and a cutthroat mentality. From fashion designing to branching into the marijuana industry, painting, acting, directing, producing, and most importantly, his unique sound and music catalog, Cutthroat Cain has positioned himself as a force to be reckoned with.

Cutthroat Cain has continuously proven that the sky is the limit with his product in the right hands. Some of his accomplishments in the film industry include funding, producing, and directing a $50,000 short film and hiring the same renowned film crew that Nipsey Hussle used for his cinematography.

On the entrepreneurship front, Cutthroat Cain owns a nonprofit that promotes financial literacy for minors and young adults in distressed neighborhoods. The successful artist also owns a marketing and management company that directs and produces his short films and music videos.

Cutthroat Cain’s non-musical ventures include a non-tobacco rolling leaf, NANNERS LOS ANGELES, which advocates for healthier smoking habits through non-nicotine products. In addition, the artist is putting the final touches on his latest venture, a high-quality street fashion line set for release in 2023.

As an independent music artist, Cutthroat Cain has made impressive strides. His accomplishments include performing with legends like Nipsey Hussle, Ghost Face Killah (Wu-Tang), 03 Greedo, and more. The artist also discloses he’s working on a GTA multimedia campaign release. “This project comprises his debut project (G.T.A.), first studio album (5th Element), themed marketing, and a multi-part film/music video series. The project is also set for release in 2023 and aims to be a breath of fresh air for the music industry in a very new light.

Shining in these highly competitive spaces has not been a fluke. Cutthroat Cain explains that the journey has been full of twists and turns, forcing him to adapt and relearn at every juncture. For example, a major challenge was gaining the right amount of investment capital and notoriety without big labels or notable names representing his product. To overcome this, Cain invested in himself, refused to compromise his authenticity, and fine-tuned his products to achieve the best industry standards.

Having been a beginner and a star, Cain understands how tough new artists and business owners feel when things don’t go as envisioned. He acknowledges that your hard work might not always be appreciated, but that shouldn’t deter you from pursuing your passion.

“Don’t take no for an answer,” Cutthroat Cain reiterates. “Don’t let anybody rush the process (including yourself), and ask yourself why you really want to do this. What impact do you want to make on the world while you’re here, and what legacy do you want to leave when you’re gone, then just hold on to that.”

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