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With his first music video “Sinner” already receiving co-signs from Drake and Lyrical Lemonade, Kelz is a rising R&B talent that has achieved what many New York artists can only dream of. What is unique about Kelz is that his focus was originally set on a career as a basketball icon, not that of a rising R&B star. An all-around creative, Kelz utilizes his environment to put together masterful songs that leave listeners craving more. “Sinner” is a song that showcases the talent Kelz possesses with his sly vocals pairing flawlessly with ethereal dancehall productions. After receiving support from Diamond artist Pharrell, Kelz is on a trajectory to greatness. “Sinner” currently has over 40,000 views on YouTube.

“Sinner” will be released on all streaming platforms on July 22nd.

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