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W4SH & Merkules Drop “Roll Tide” for their Hometown Surrey in Canada

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The hometown heroes Merkules & W4SH drop their first song together, “Roll Tide”. The two artists grew up only blocks away in Surrey, British Columbia, a city in Canada just a half hour outside of Vancouver. The two rappers exchange flows through the triumphant track over hard 808’s and powerful horns. In the intro you hear Merkules call out “W4SH what up, this that Surrey sh*t” then the first hook ensues with W4SH’s vocals. It’s nice to hear some clean rapping abilities in 2022 while still having a mainstream appeal with the production. Reminded our team of the likes of Drake, Jack Harlow, or even Big Sean. 


The two rappers go and back forth from the intro to the outro to make the song have a real collaboration feeling. Merkules even hops on the last hook to sing the first half. If you listen to the word play you will hear W4SH and Merkules both shout eachother out in their verses. This is a great look for Canadian hip-hop. “Roll Tide” has the potential to make great waves throughout the industry, but only time will tell how the world receives it! 


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