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Showtime® Sports Documentary Films Presents NYC Point Gods

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I come from an era where the basketball court was home to all the boys in the neighborhood. You could always spot their current girlfriend holding their water bottles or their jackets. When I got older and began to ride the train, I ventured to W4th street where a crowd was always surrounding the fence. If you could get closer, you would find a tournament consisting of the best players on all 5 boroughs. You might also spot celebrities but that court held no comparison the infamous Rucker. There not only could you find players but draft picks, globetrotters and your favorite NBA problem Childs. There was no one off limits. When you stepped your foot on the court, you meant business or risked never to get the opportunity again.

The trailer for the film NYC Gods takes me back to that time. When the point guard would sacrifice it all, including his girlfriend and his chain before he dribble. “The point guard in basketball is the floor general.” It spotlights the enduring impact players like Kenny Anderson, Mark Jackson, Stephon Marbury, God Shammgod, Kenny Smith, Rafer Alston, Rod Strickland and Dwayne “Pearl” Washington had on the game. It take a glimpse into New York City point guards who honed their craft and developed their legendary showmanship on the city’s iconic playgrounds and high school gyms in the 1980s and ’90s.

“These players were the first people I ever idolized and looked up to, and that time in my life had a huge impact on me,” said 35V and Boardroom co-founder and executive producer Rich Kleiman. “To get to tell these stories about this era and these cultural superheroes is an honor and something that I hope makes all New Yorkers and hoops fans proud to watch.”

“Everyone knows an NYC point guard when they see them,” added Kevin Durant, “and the point gods of this film were instrumental in changing the game for everyone. We are really excited to honor them through this doc, and I know basketball fans will really appreciate it.”

The documentary extends the successful collaboration between SHOWTIME and NBA superstar Kevin Durant and business partner Rich Kleiman’s Boardroom. NYC POINT GODS premieres on Friday, July 29 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on SHOWTIME.

Watch the trailer for the NYC Point Gods below:

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