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Meet Ben Corry: Pushing Boundaries and Breaking Limits With His Music

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Many singers and producers who have had a significant impact on the entertainment business have been introduced to us. Our major objective has always been to find musicians that lack the means to showcase their talent in front of the mainstream music business. We have a responsibility to introduce the musicophile to the finest musicians and artists, and by showcasing these outstanding performances for you, we are fulfilling that job.


Keeping the original music fresh is necessary because it can become monotonous over time. As you may already be aware, our editorial crew appreciates artists that think beyond the box in their creative expression, and Ben Corry accomplishes just that. His music masterfully illustrates what we’re saying.


Ben Corry was born in Santa Barbara but now calls Los Angeles home. As a musician, he was greatly influenced by the Swedish House Mafia. He acknowledges that he has always had a tremendous affinity for it and that he could not help but choose music as a career.


He has produced a lot of music that we and the audience enjoy, but his favorite work is the first song he ever uploaded. The song has a distinctive vibe. Adds he, “Anyone may be inspired at any time. During lunch, on a stroll, or while traveling to a friend’s place “


Each artist has their own unique method for creating music, which we refer to as the creative process. The concept is presented by Ben Corry. The artist records voice memos while humming the concept to determine if anything sounds catchy. Once he is satisfied with the plan, he moves on to writing and production. Depending on the music, the song’s creation might take two to three days. After completion, the record is sent for mixing and mastering.


Ben Corry’s favourite project is his latest release ‘Your Love’. He really tried to take his creativity to another level with his Techno track. He feels that he really imprinted a part of himself into it. He tries to convey emotions and feelings to his listeners through the sounds he uses in his songs. It took him a long time to get this track finalized.


He was super excited for the fans to hear it and connect with the spirit of the song. The fans were very appreciative when this was released, telling him how much it lifted them. The fact that he was able to reach his fans and invoke a certain emotion through his music is the proudest moment of all.


Ben Corry is following his dreams and we are the ones who can support him by sharing his music.


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