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Everything You Need to Know About Celebrated Producer/DJ, APAR

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Alex Parenteau, or APAR as he is known by his stage name, is one of the top DJs making their mark. The multi-talented APAR is also a skilled producer with years of experience in the game. Many recognize him for his unique, refreshing, and catchy beats. Aside from music production, APAR has also established an unrivaled DJing brand that is taking over the scene. This is a lethal combination and one that has seen him grow into a formidable force in the entertainment scene.

Since making his debut, the self-taught DJ has played across the US as well in other countries, including Malaysia and Ecuador. This includes performances on top global stages and events, including the Electric Daisy Carnival in 2018 and DJing at Galapagos in Ecuador. Performing in different countries with diverse backgrounds while winning over the audience is a classic example of APAR’s innate musical talent.

APAR now believes that every prospective artist should have confidence in themselves and pursue their dreams. According to APAR, being in the music business requires honesty, so you must be sincere in everything you do. Work hard at all times and never be scared to fail. He views failure as an opportunity to learn and improve. Learn from your errors as well as those of individuals who have the same goals as you or already have what you desire. More importantly, remember that goodness prevails and hard work pays off.

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