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Dylan Cornwell’s “Onward” showcases the depth that house music can express

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The latest track from Dylan Cornwell has made all of his speechless. “Onward”, a track that was released a few weeks ago, has been doing so well that it’s shocking to be honest. Dylan Cornwell has put himself on the map of musical artists with this song.

“Onward” is a song that showcases Dylan Cornwell’s ability to express his thoughts through his music. He is an American resident and loves to travel. His works show us his exposure to the various cultures that appear in his works. This makes the music very enjoyable and fun to listen to.

The success of “Onward” has to be attributed to Dylan Cornwell’s talent and the flawless production and mastering quality from Rumor Records. Both have made sure that the music would convey what it was meant to convey and delivered us fans with this wonderful masterpiece.

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