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Every week, I get tons of blasts and press releases and I normally sit down and try to go through them all at once. I listen to the music and if something sticks out, I cover and if I doesn’t then I don’t. Sometimes I get videos that have a dope song but the visual is wack or takes too long to grab my attention. Here are a few artists that I think are dope. Let me know what you think in the comments. Either way, I hope you fall in love with a new artist today.

Louie Ray – The Motivator brings the blueprint to motivate, grasp the attention of any situation with his catchy flow and lyrics–it is understood why every year he has a viral moment. Louie recently charted #2 on TikTok with “CASH APP” and the #TooLoud challenge, this was not Louie’s first or second taste of going viral–tracks with Flint/Beecher counterpart YN JAY “C*****e” and “Triple S” gave the world a true representation of Louie and his skillful lyricism. Louie has found success with all of the Flint scene–being in the forefront with Rio Da Yung OG and the legendary track “Movie.” Love the song, hate the cigarettes. Check out “Figure It Out” below:

Having built a great and engaged following in South Africa, New Zealand and Australia, as well as still receiving love in the Tri-State area, Darion has had a great run of single’s leading up to this project. Having received continued editorial support from Tidal, Apple Music, and Spotify- as well as reaching #38 on the South African Spotify Viral Chart – Darion is ready to fully bring his listeners into a world of his own creation. This project is a case study and journey into the mind of a young “Black Kid” coming into his own as a creative visionary. Listen to “Epiphany” below:


Beyond The Halo Effect finds Ta’East eager to reclaim his position as one of hip-hop’s most promising stars after gaining notoriety for his critically acclaimed EP, Okay, I’m Ready in 2016. The EP features seven reflective tracks that highlight Ta’s creative evolution since gaining support from notable tastemakers early in his career. With Cairo Mayeson at the helm of production duties, the LA-based rapper’s idiosyncratic flows, inventive compositions, and commanding vocal tones are elevated beyond measure. Check out “Ultra Magnetic” below:




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