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Timbaland Offered Yung Raf a Deal

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It’s not every day that a legendary, Grammy winner producer who’s responsible for artists such as Justin Timberlake, Jay-Z and Missy Elliot offers a young artist a record deal. 

When Raf’s mentor Lil Eddie presented Yung Raf to Timbaland – Timbaland was so impressed that the paperwork was sent out to ink a deal that same day. 

Because we are well aware of both Timbaland and Lil Eddie‘s legendary track record, we had to check out Yung Raf. What we found was pure gold. 

His single “ anxiety“ already has amassed 38,000 streams on Spotify which is an incredible start for just a young 17-year-old artist. “Anxiety” feels like a crazy blend between Post Malone, Yachty, and yet something truly and uniquely his own. 

Aside from his music, Raf is simply HILARIOUS. His Instagram and TikTok had everybody in our office rolling. 

After hearing and seeing Raf, we had to reach out for an interview. One of the questions we asked Raf was: “What is one unique reason he loves making music”, Raf Said: 

A super unique reason why I love making music is because there will only ever be one of each and everyone of us on this planet – so my music is my testimony, my voice and no one can ever express that better or ever duplicate what I feel or create”. 

We’re not gonna lie, we are excited about this artist. This rising legend has already had major deals offered at such a young age, so we can only imagine what is to come with him in the upcoming years. 

We predict tours alongside the likes of Yachty, Post Malone, and Lil Uzi in the near future!

Check out more music from Yung Raf below:


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