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DJ KammyLife just released his new EP for the summer!

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We had a chance to catch up with him and ask him how music has influenced his life and this new EP!
Background, Born and raised and how you got into music:
I was born in Iran, my family fled to Germany where I was raised from the age of 1 before immigrating to Canada. Music has been a huge outlet in my life as it sometimes gives you hope, peace, and joy when you are down. Growing up in community housing it was easy to get sidetracked and join gangs. Music allowed me to keep myself on track, I remember growing up and coming home and using a virtual DJ to create beats and loop music for fun.
You don’t need much to keep yourself entertained as long as you are following your true passions. I initially got into music because of my family’s condition. My parents immigrated to Canada and we were really poor, I didn’t have money for toys or fancy PlayStations, but I did have a loop kit and a virtual DJ program. Music was free so I got into mixing music and making instrumentals and loops on my program.

How did my background affect my journey and my current situation?

The journey of music is never ending, you are always learning new things and adapting as time
progresses. My background allowed me to be extremely versatile when it comes to changing things. Music is a very free-flow movement and the creative process of creating music is highly spiritual. Growing up poor allowed me to look at smaller things, appreciate them and take joy in the moments instead of looking for a big reward, the small wins sometimes feel the best.

What influenced me to become a DJ:

I love creating a vibe for people to dance too, DJing is highly influential in setting the mood for the environment, you govern the state and feelings of how people move to the music they are hearing.

Was there a certain moment that was a turning point in my life:

I believe in growing up and getting out of community housing, working, and being able to build a strong foundation for myself and my friends. It allowed me to aspire to help more people around me because the only time you feel abundance is when you first have experienced lacking.
I believe that was the turning point in my life.
How did that help you shift to who you are today?
It made me appreciate life a lot more, you know it’s hard as It is with the way the world is going to be able to capture all the beauty in its forms. Being able to help people is really the foundation of my success and where I see myself continuing for many more years to come.
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