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How Is BobbyJayTV Shedding More Light On Upcoming Artists In The Music Industry

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Paving his way through social media influencing and his self made brand, Bob Blessing Jacobs (BobbyJayTV) came from the heart of Liberia; working diligently to foster elevation in talents in cities he has impacted around the world. Doing showcases, promoting other artists, music videos and their work on a weekly basis, BobbyJayTV manages to stay in touch with his supporters from several continents and art through his mind-blowing social media presence. BobbyJayTV who is the creator and CEO of MediaCultureNews which was founded in 2020, in Boston Massachusetts.
Being the revolutionist and overachiever BobbyJayTV is, he started MediaCultureNews as a way to channel his aura for his supporters and interests to see. MediaCultureNews is a hip-hop culture and artist-focused entertainment site and platform. With a sincere passion for music, BobbyJayTV is working towards grossing his first million with gratitude to his bridge & mentor, celebrity fashion designer Brian Ahumuza.
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