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Snazzy Phade Grinds His Way To The Top

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Snazzy Phade hails from the small town of Manteca, California. At a young age, Snazzy Phade met a group of friends and started making music in his hometown. Having played a range of sports growing up, his natural competitiveness motivated him to strive to be the best. As a senior at the SAE Institute, he graduated with the highest overall GPA in his graduating class, proving himself to be just that.

It’s no secret that Snazzy Phade has struggled in the past. Prior to relocating to Los Angeles, California, Snazzy lived in his car for a short time while he was homeless. Instead of letting this experience keep him down, he used it to lift himself up. Eventually, he got a job and established himself in the city. Snazzy Phade puts his extra time into making music relatable to his fans and future listeners outside of his full-time job.

Currently, Snazzy Phade is working on his debut album (title TBD). Taking his time on this project, Snazzy is testing out different sounds and figuring out what works for him. Keep an eye on Snazzy’s Instagram for updates regarding the release date of his much-awaited debut album and check out his previous body of work on Spotify.

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