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Richmond, Virginia’s Own, Young Shiloh Has Risen To The Top

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The Richmond, Virginia-based artist Chance Patterson is known to his fans as Young Shiloh. When Shiloh was only 13 years old, he began making music. Initially, he made music as a way to cope. His emotions had been bottled up since childhood. It wasn’t until a few years ago that he began experimenting with demo projects in the booth. In May 2022, he released his debut EP “Ricochet”.


In the last four years, Young Shiloh has worked very hard to get to where he is today. As a newcomer to Virginia, he had little to no money to his name, so he had to start over and rebuild his life from the ground up. The man was homeless, without a car, and had little money. Taking the bus or walking everywhere, saving money, and living in sober living homes helped him stay focused on the future.


With his music, he hopes his fans can understand that even though life gets tough and it seems there is no way out, there is always something you can do. Using confidence, strength, and resilience, Young Shiloh explains that his fans can do the same. With multiple exciting collaborations set for release in July 2022, Young Shiloh has been busy in the booth. Additionally, he encourages fans to check out his new EP titled “Ricochet” which was released in May of 2022 and is filled with bounce, club beats, R&B, raw emotions, and unmatched flows. Watch out for more from Young Shiloh in the near future. Follow Young Shiloh on Instagram to stay up to date with his latest drops! You can listen to his music on Spotify.

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