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Emerging Artist Paul Perges is Making a Difference in The Music Industry

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We’ve learned about a lot of singers and artists who have made major contributions to the entertainment industry. Finding musicians without the resources to demonstrate their skills in front of the whole music industry has always been our main goal. We have a duty to introduce the musicophile to the greatest music and artists, thus we are doing just that by presenting you with these exceptional performances.


We needed a unique source of inspiration for our music since occasionally original music may become stale. You may already be aware that our editorial team values artists that think creatively beyond the box, and Paul Perges does exactly that. What we’re saying is beautifully illustrated through his music.


The greatness of the artist lies in his ability to take listeners on a journey.


Paul Perges started his adventures in the music industry at a young age, bringing his desire to create a name that resonates with his listeners. Since he started writing songs, he has been gaining popularity for every track he created. He considered writing for other artists for a time but thought he could give his work more justice if he performed them himself.

Like other artists, Paul Perges felt the immense pressure of being unique in the music business, especially in his genre. He wanted to attract audiences from everywhere and make heads turn with his music, and at the same time, stay true to his craft. Embracing and adapting to changes while staying true to your passion is hard, but Paul Perges figured this out slowly as he went along.

Every musician takes pride in the quality of their music, and Paul Perges is no exception. Since he writes his songs, he considers every composition like his own child and wants the best for them. Paul Perges is confident that his collection of musical masterpieces could take him to places that he has only dreamed about. He keeps himself inspired while writing his songs.

One must listen to his many tracks that have been released. “Solo cup,” “Me and my Guitar,” “Fall in love,” “Bipolar,” and “Runaway” are among these tracks. On Spotify, all of these songs have amassed an incredible number of monthly listeners.


His music conveys meaning, feelings, and ideas that are relatable to the listener. His music is distinct and has powerful tones, making it worthwhile to listen to.


He has a really intriguing concept for his forthcoming endeavor, therefore he will surprise his followers with it. He wishes to reintroduce to this generation the classic RNB and Summer Pop songs.


He draws inspiration from artists like Tory Lanez, Chris Brown, and Bruno Mars but one artist that really inspired him to move forward and take music as his career is everyone’s favorite Justin Beiber. We have all seen how JB at such a young age entered the Industry and was declared one of the biggest pop stars in the Industry. Paul is a young talent and can do wonders like JB.


Paul stands out from the rest because he wants his listeners to be in the present and relate to every word he mentions in his songs.


Last but not the least, he has a message for all who are reading this right now

“I am still a small artist with a big dream, but I hope you guys will help me reach my goals so check out my music on all platforms. I want everyone to just vibe along to my songs everywhere there go!”


Listen to Paul’s music on Spotify and follow him on Instagram

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