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Dee Ross is Bringing the Heat with his Upcoming Album Narcotic Warfare’

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Louisiana rapper Dee Ross is going to bring some heat to the hip-hop industry with his upcoming album Narcotic Warfare, which he has yet to release any info about so far, this album is going to have some killer beats and some crazy lyrics about the streets. He’s been rapping at a very young age, but this will be one of his biggest hits – which is why we’re expecting it to be epic!

Why You Should Listen To Dee Ross

If you’re looking for something new then you should listen to him, Dee Ross’s flow and delivery are entrancing, yet he never lets it get in the way of delivering hard-hitting lyrics. His lyricism on Mood Swing could easily make him one of rap’s most versatile artists.

His Lyrics Will Get Your Adrenaline Pumping
In this age of professional lyricists, Dee Ross stands out. He’s been using his skills in the rap game for over a year and he brings a unique edge to an otherwise generic scene. Rapper Dee Ross has been recording in the studio non-stop and his EPs like Forever Dangerous 2, with catchy hooks and lyrics that are sure to put Ross on the radar of some big names in the music industry. But it seems like Dee Ross has something up his sleeve because it will be worth the wait if it means more great music from him! The self-proclaimed Louisiana King is bringing the heat with his upcoming album Narcotic Warfare.

Narcotic welfare
Recently, local Louisiana rapper Dee Ross has released snippets of some of his newest and upcoming material. His latest album title will be Narcotic Warfare and will be coming out this year according to reports from his social media. There is no set release date yet but it should come out sometime in 2022 so make sure you stay tuned! The album promises to be a crazy one as he stated in an interview with sippenteatv on youtube.

His own clothing line
Ross is a musician and entrepreneur with a clothing line of his own, called 4 Ever Real. whether it’s T-shirts, sweatpants, jeans or anything else you desire, 4 Ever Real is your source for premium quality at reasonable prices. Visit their website today!

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