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Who Is Baby Demon?

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From North Philadelphia, meet the newest rap sensation, Baby Demon. He uses the stage name Baby Demon but he’s been making music since he was a kid.  Baby Demon started making music early, but it wasn’t until he was hanging out with his friends at the studio that everyone noticed his talent. Once he realized that his music was unlike anything else, he continued to produce songs and videos. 

When we asked Baby Demon what his goals are for the music industry, he replied, “I want to be seen as the one who wasn’t supposed to make it. I mean, I have a lot of doubters and I shut all of it down.” His most recent release has over 30k views in one month. He opened for Bizzy and for Jay Critch in Boston, just a few months ago. Baby Demon is currently an independent artist but frequently collaborates with HideMiyabi, Pluggedinsounds and Curtdarula. His dream artists to make music  with are EST GEE and NBAYoungBoy. 

Baby Demon has many projects coming up, when we asked him for details, he said, “I have a few projects I’ve been working on. I don’t have a specific date for any of them. I am dropping another visual soon though and it’ll be a feature too. Everything to come is BIG!” When his followers listen to his music, he wants them to have energy, have life and put effort into everything. 

Although Baby Demon’s childhood was not the easiest, he made a successful life for himself. Getting away and staying away from the violence is the hardest part for him. Even though his past may follow him, he has been focusing on his career and in return, it has been taking off. He is inspired by Jay-Z and Yo Gotti to keep moving forward and not look in the rearview mirror. For more information on Baby Demon and his new projects, follow him on Instagram, Spotify and YouTube.

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