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Spades Smoove From Brooklyn, Is Dedicated To Music

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Born Devon Edwards, Spades Smoove is an independent artist from Brooklyn, New York. As a member of a family with strong ties to music, he became involved in music at an early age. All of them have natural talents, but Spades Smoove took it to another level. Throughout his career, Spades Smoove has always viewed music as a destiny and has filled himself with dedication and commitment. His life has been devoted to music and he doesn’t see any reason to stop. However, the journey was not easy. Despite his struggles, he remained faithful to his music and never gave up. When you know you have a special talent, putting yourself out there is hard, but Spades Smoove knew he needed to share it with others. His musical inspiration comes from many places, including Rihanna and Pharell, as well as from himself. Throughout his music, he strives to be the best he can be.


Despite having many accomplishments in his musical career, Spades Smoove’s greatest achievement is the record he did titled ‘Joker’s Secret’. It was at this point that he realized music offered him a variety of experiences and was the right path for him. The same way music steered him down the right path, he wants his songs to help steer people down the right path through positive energy. It is never dull for Spades Smoove, as he is always hard at work creating new projects for his fans. Last month, he released a song titled ‘No Cash Flow’. The song’s message is to be confident when others bring negative energy into your life. Stay tuned for more releases from Spades Smoove this year by following his Instagram. You can listen to all his hits on Spotify.

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