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d3oughboy Is a Name Worth Knowing in Today’s World of Music!

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d3oughboy, the well-polished rapper and actor, has climbed his way up the steepest of steps in a rather short period of time.

The Detroit native rap artist/songwriter, has risen from the ashes and built an audience from the ground up, displaying rare talent and true emotion that you may be missing from your daily playlist. You can see the influence that growing up in the projects of Hamtramck has had on the young star in more ways than one. From his personal qualities and character that you’d encounter in his day-to-day life, to his raw lyrics and respective genres.   It’s no secret that real-life events inspire his lyrics and videos. The rapper has put his best foot forward, working with all kinds of greats in the industry.

d3oughboy has been a fan of 50Cent since the early Wanksta days and has even been quoted on the topic saying “That’s what made me want to rap.”  it only seems right that he finds himself being featured on 50Cents official website today.

A few other notable artists that d3oughboy has been heard talking about in previous times include both Lil Durk and Lil Baby. For our sake we sure hope to see something come out of that situation soon! It all seems increasingly possible. From the combination of hard work & determination, the iconic rapper has successfully gained the attention of many, and we’re excited to see where this rising artist lands as we’ve been keeping an eye on his growth.

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