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A Lesson of Hard Work From Musician Erick B

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Every now and then, we hear about incredibly talented people who started out in their respective industries and made it far in life. This is the beauty of talent and having passion along with it.

One such person with incredible talent, passion, and determination is musician Erick B. Starting out by writing his first song at the age of 13, Erick B took control of his career earlier than most people. When he was just 15 years old, he released that first song and officially made his entrance into the music industry under the Delux Music Group label.

Erick B’s first song was met with an amazing response, peaking at 3 million streams in under 12 days. This was a sign of how much people loved his music. Being part of an emotional genre of music, Erick B found listeners and fans who genuinely loved his music, confirming that he was doing justice to the genre.

Erick B tries to create music that his fans and listeners can relate to, but at the same time, he doesn’t let that narrative overwhelm him. He keeps his talent and taste alive in his songs and creates incredible music that he is happy putting out there and that people are happy listening to.

We all know the music industry can be quite demanding, and Erick B has experienced this firsthand. When he first entered the music space, he was intimidated and he faced his own set of challenges, but he pushed through.

When talking about the future, Erick B wants to create music with like-minded individuals he looks up to. He’s off to a great start already, and by starting so young, he has achieved a lot in a short span of time.

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