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WesCovDru Is Gaining Recognition From Major Labels

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California native WesCovDru is back and has released his latest project “Now Or Never!” The album consist of 14 tracks that all have different genres. He would describe his style as very unique, “one thing for sure, I know I don’t sound like anyone else. My style is also very widespread. I can do a little singing but I can also drop some crazy bars on you. When it comes to rapping, I love to rap about past experiences. I feel like it brings out the most emotion in me.”

He also writes his own music, with the occasional collaboration. He is a man of many talents, as he is a dancer and actor. He was in a short film a few years ago and is taking casting calls. Pouring emotion into his art, WesCovDru simply goes into the studio and puts everything into the mic. The multifaceted artist always makes sure what he writes and puts in his craft is a direct reflection of his own experiences or manifestations.

Due to his sing/rap style, he often gets compared to artists such as Teeflii and Drake. Writing and recording music along with growing his following and making money through his music have been major accomplishments of his.

As of right now, WesCovDru has released 16 singles and has been featured on 2 other tracks. Along with releasing his project ‘Now or Never’ he collaborated alongside sound engineers and producers, Cole Dobyns, Enovate and Zayce Hundo at Elvn Studios. He is also collaborating with Florida-native, Shad Daron, on a collaborative E.P.

His most recent single ‘Only Want You’ was released on March 23rd, 2022 along with a music video on YouTube. He plans on presenting his album to labels, releasing music videos for each track and is dropping another interview this month, another music video and another single from the mixtape.
His future goals include making money through music and wants to build his platform so he can make music for the rest of his life. He also wants to inspire younger people who want to pursue music as a career. WESCOVDRU’s versatility in both music and talent certainly separates him from the typical artist, and he can see that himself. “I feel like I separate myself from most artists because I’m so versatile. The music I make depends on the emotions I’m feeling at the time. When I get in the studio I put it all on the mic and express it however it comes out.” Be sure to check out the project now available on our streaming services!

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