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Dukane CBD Releases His Smash Hit R&B Single “Mary” With KoKo

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Monroeville, Alabama born rapper, Dukane, real name, Antonio Odom, has been making quite an impact in the music industry. He brings a lot to the table when it comes to his craft. Not only is he an artist, label owner, athlete, he’s also an actor plus much more.

Dukane CBD started playing basketball from childhood and continued to college. He eventually became a professional ball player. While playing basketball, the professional athlete also recognized his interest in music. He was inspired by his cousin Bama Boi G, who many people see as a great artist.

Dukane CBD also stars in his own tv show “Ball To Rap ” is featured on BMA Networks and involves interesting social discussions, career talks, and personal stories. Dukane CBD discusses his transition from professional basketball to becoming a recording artist and managing young and promising musical talents. Viewers will also learn about his romantic affairs with the top female rapper and singer from Houston, Texas, Megan Thee Stallion.

Fans will be treated to unlimited fun, entertainment and will experience an exciting side that reveals his creativity, personality, and style. The show also promises to be informative and educative adding value to the life of the audience.

Dukane CBD is the CEO of Can’t Be Denied Entertainment, a company that manages several musical artists and provides promotional services, marketing, events, brand ambassadors, and vixens.

Dukane CBD uses his leadership and management skills to help others develop their talent and grow their music career. He is a reliable person with a vision to transform society through music and entertainment.

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