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DJK Shares How Music Has Played A Major Role In His Life

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DJK is an upcoming Hip-Hop & R&B artist who is ready to take the industry by storm. His music encapsulates a special feeling. It is a combination of raps and dope melodies and production.

Ever since he was young, music has always been his passion. It has served as an outlet for him and it is a part of who he is. Born in Tyler, Texas DJK grew up in different areas ranging from Louisiana and other parts of Texas. DJK derived from his birth name. It is the initials of his real name DJN except the “N” is replaced with “K” which stands for Killa. He chose “Killa” because “I’m Killin’ every beat or record I get on !.” states DJK

Although he writes all his own music, he doesn’t produce it. Instead, he picks the best beats or production that inspires him. As far as engineering goes, most of the time he mixes his own music but sends certain songs to different engineers. Back in 2007, DJK started recording himself rapping over beats on a tape recorder. When he was 18 he started making some great music but didn’t have enough information to take himself to the next level.

In November of 2017, DJK joined his brother and mom to form the independent label “Fast Entertainment” Since 2013, DJK has released several albums/EPs. He started taking music more seriously on the business level in 2018, but there is still more ground to cover. Growing up, 50 Cent and T.I. were his favorite rappers to listen to but Prince is the artist who inspired him the most. Prince has made him comfortable with trying new melodies when he makes different types of songs. In 2020 his mother got really sick with Covid and almost passed away. This motivated him to focus harder on his career because he wanted her to be around to see his success. Ultimately this helped his worth ethic, and his mom has been enjoying an abundance of success and blessings. “Stay Out the Way” is his latest project, with “No Pretend” as the lead single.

Since being shot in Miami and directed by Jeff Adair, it has gained over 200k views on Youtube. “No Pretend” has a majestic sound and will make you feel like you are at Miami Beach. Currently, DJK is working on his next album entitled “ARRANGED, COMPOSED AND PERFORMED BY DJK”. There is no release date yet, so be sure to follow along with DJK’s journey for the announcement! Also, stay tuned for some collaborations that DJK has been working on. In the future, he hopes to earn a #1 song or #1 album on a Billboard to experience the feeling of success. More importantly, he wants to inspire others and leave his mark on the industry and culture forever. DJK hopes to make a lasting impact through his art. He wants to leave a positive impact on the youth, his generation, and even older people if he is blessed to reach that far.

“Start Supporting me if you aren’t because I’m just getting started. I’m here to stay! Keep Your Mind on whatever task is at hand and get to it!” states DJK.

Be sure to check his music video for “No Pretend” linked down below!

Also make sure to keep up with him and follow him on social media @djkmusic

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