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DJ Allure’s “Viola” is a blissful slice of Tech House that Brings the Bass

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When it comes to the Baltimore scene, DJ Allure is rocking the parties everyone wants to attend. While he’s earned the title of “DJ” through and through, Allure is gaining traction as a budding producer in the industry, merging a wide range of House sonics to his liking.

DJ Allure has a residency at Baltimore’s No Way Rosé and debuted two songs this year, “Viola” and “Cou Cou,” as part of his expanding library of original music currently finding their way into his live DJ sets. He recently gifted fans with “Viola,” a track that coalesces his proclivity for Dance music as well as his penchant for immersive and innovative sound design.

In a recent interview, Allure had this to say about “Viola”: “Essentially it’s a real-life reenactment of my musical passion for Old school and New school coming together. This is where tech house resonates with me the most. Tech House tracks like ‘Viola’ allow me to show love and pay homage to Vets that paved the way while also adding a new school drop that newer generations can get hype and dance to.”

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