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Detroit Barbie is Taking the Industry by Storm with her Hard Core Sleazy Girl Flow

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The women in the rap game are really holding it down and doing their thing on a big level. Women from all walks of life are starting to be able to sit at the table with some of the hottest male artists in the game right now. This is powerful because for a long time only a few would be even allowed to play ball on that level. Now we have many female artists that can rock. One of those artists is Detroit Barbie.

Detroit Barbie is the woman with the “hard core sleazy girl flow” and can’t nobody do it better. The Detroit native relocated to Ohio and built a team that has helped really go hard in this music industry in the right way. Pure Life Ent has really put that battery in Detroit Barbie’s back and she is locked in.

Detroit Barbie has a flow and a style that is very different from what you see or hear, coming from a lot of the female artists today. Detroit Barbie is something special and there is no denying that at all. Make sure you follow her social media platforms to see and hear some of her music.

Listen to Detroit Barbie “That Ain’t My Thot” Here

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