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BIG VENTI Releases Summer Banger, “Famous Neighbor”

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Driving with slick trap rhythms, catchy synth melodies and unforgettable vocal flair – LA’s BIG VENTI kicks up an infectious party vibe with his uniquely genre-blending take on contemporary hip hop.

Focused on clever and stylish vocal outpourings across double-time flows and a mellow tone, BIG VENTI has created his own unique style and sound. Heavy on fashion and with cool shades and fresh fits elevating a recognisable image, the rapper notes influences among the likes of Rick Ross, Da Baby and Tyga, but ultimately paves his own way as a boldly versatile modern artist.

Combining an unmatched work ethic with fearlessly confident bars and an endless sense of character, BIG VENTI’s music brings in a refreshing dance vibe for a modern edge that quickly raises the pulse. His unprecedented take on modern rap blends genres with swagger, boss energy, and relevance. You’ll love the unique bass tones and authority of an unmistakable voice.

The mind behind the music manifests the journey – as per the acronym that makes up his name; Visualise Everything Now ‘Til Infinity. BIG VENTI’s focus is on winning and succeeding, and this unwavering self-belief pours through in stylish, motivational waves throughout his releases.

Boasting followers in the thousands, the title-track feat. Rawan Chaya from the upcoming album has already been aired on Virgin Radio, and the video for ‘Showin’ Out’ is swiftly amassing an impressive number of views.
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“Famous Neighbor” now and follow BIG VENTI on social media for his latest releases.


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