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Rapper Dampszn Is On His Way To Being The Next Star of New York

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Born and raised in New York, Dampszn is quickly becoming a rising star in the music industry. Growing up on Long Island, there was not much of a music scene around him. But as he showed flashes of creativity around his friends, they swiftly pushed him to refine his talents and take his music to the next level. Dampszn, born Jordan Dampf, credits music for opening his eyes to a whole new world; one where he could reconnect personally and direct his emotion through his own creative outlet. He started by writing lyrics that reflected his own life experiences and moved into creating flows and stories that would bring them to life. By drawing inspiration from the artists he looked up to, he was quickly able to learn and perfect his craft. 

His work clearly shows an intense passion, as Dampszn believes music has now become part of his identity. “It became a part of who I am,” he says. It took him a while to get to that point, as it all started out as a joke. But then music gripped him, as he kept his head down and cranked through relentless hours to perfect his craft. The results have been evident, and it is certainly no longer a joke. To this day, he has accumulated over 5,000,000+ streams across all music streaming platforms, 500,000+ total listeners on Spotify, and 11,000+ organic followers with consistent growth across all social media. His music has been featured in over 100+ YouTube videos and high-profile music channels such as Promoting Sounds, Rap Nation, and Bangers Only. He also recently accumulated over 1,000,000+ streams on his hit song “Cancelled” which he holds as his biggest accomplishment to date. Looking back, Jordan shares that it was hard getting used to being a musician and admits that it took a long time to step out of his comfort zones. Like many aspiring artists, he lost a lot of close relationships because of the commitment and sacrifice required to follow his chosen path. The experience made him stronger, focused, and taught him a lot about self-acceptance. 

One of Dampszn’s biggest strengths as an artist is his ability to connect with people and understand his environment. It sets him apart from other artists and makes his work both relatable and memorable. He is unyielding in his pace to create and produce new work because he wants to deliver fans waves of new content. Fans enjoy the mix of Dampszn’s new wave hip/hop and melodic raps. His style is unique, and while he can produce fast-paced music and sharp rap beats, he is also extremely versatile. His music is grounded and always focused on delivering a message. 

For the past few months, Dampszn has been recording as a solo artist. He is determined to showcase his full potential and open up a new chapter to fans. He is currently working on a new 6-track EP titled “DAMPHETAMINE” scheduled to release on July 8th. He also recently signed with Next Chapter Music, which is an independent record label based in the Netherlands. His EP titled “DAMPHETAMINE” will be his first project released under them. The lineup of songs on the project is reflective of his experiences as a college student and the challenges he faced through his journey. His new music is targeted at his current fanbase, but the underground music community continues to create buzz as he is gaining fans from around the world. Jordan has dedicated “DAMPHETAMINE” to “all the amazing people I had the opportunity to meet and spend time with. It inspired me in so many ways and I wouldn’t be here today without them.” 

With his dreams slowly becoming a reality, Dampszn wants to share with his fans the harsh realities of growing up. One of his favorite lyrics is from his new single “Twenty-Two” where he says “I’m stuck with all of my fears so, I’m f*ed I’ll play it by ear though” because it’s the truth. Entering the real world is exciting but terrifying. Jordan shares with fans, “I have no idea what’s next for me, but I’m hoping for the best. I’m sure a lot of kids my age can relate.” Make sure to check out “DAMPHETAMINE” released on July 8th: 

And check out his Instagram @dampszn for future updates on his journey.

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