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Female Artist Charr Has Always Had A Knack For Music

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Being exposed to music as early as when she was a baby, the up-and-coming artist Charr quickly developed an ear for music. Learning of her gift, she began singing in church, joined her school’s choir, and began performing at talent shows and various family events. Being an artist ran in Charr’s family as her mother wrote and recorded multiple albums, but her father influenced her music taste.

Many years passed, but the Miami artist’s passion for music never dwindled. Charr had dabbled with music her whole life and finally acted to make her own music from scratch when the pandemic struck. The female recording artist has been perfecting her sound for the last two years and is almost ready to release her debut to the public.

Charr’s debut single will be called “My Way” and feature fellow Florida rapper Khaotic. “My Way” does not have an official release date, but it was said it will be out any day now. As we wait for her debut track, you can learn more about the new talent on her Instagram @iam.charr.

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