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Canada’s Jeff GoldVine Is Combining Comedy and Music

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Jeff GoldVine, a native of Montreal, Canada, is an aspiring artist putting forth a new style of music. The creative got his start making comedic sketches on the old platform Vine and decided to turn that talent into a unique form of music, combining comedy and multiple different genres. His latest song, “Out Of Love,” is a perfect example.

In many ways, Jeff’s music will brighten your mood, and his comedic style might just make you laugh too. The artist strictly won’t release any project that he didn’t vibe or laugh to himself, and he’s big on quality of quantity.

We are currently at just the tip of the iceberg for what Jeff GoldVine is truly capable of with his music. Jeff plans to release a new album soon featuring his many styles of music and the hilarious aspect he’s known for.

Follow Jeff GoldVine on Instagram @jeffgoldvine

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