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RodneyAlan The Arkansas A-Kid & TikTok Jay Russell is a match made in heaven!

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Hailing from Bentonville, Arkansas 23-Year-old rapper RodneyAlan is taking the world by storm as his recent partnership with TikTok star and mega-producer Jay Russell is proving dividends in gaining him exposure and mainstream buzz.

What RodneyAlan lacks in bars he makes up for in unique delivery and a weird approach to making music. It isn’t the most lyrically engaging or the most hard-hitting but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing; his simplistic rap style lends itself to his no-nonsense no frills rap style. His single “King” has a lot of drake in 2011-2012 vibes. He isn’t here to give you a gimmick, or some meme-worthy stuff to joke with him about, he is here to give his all on every beat, and for that I respect him.

Growing up in the rough conditions of Bentonville, Arkansas has given RodneyAlan a plethora of things to discuss musically from his hard upbringing to his family issues, to even his doubts and fears. This shows in his discography and demeanor. If you are a fan of honest rap, or rap that pulls from the real life of the rapper instead of hyperbolized, mega-gangsta, commercial rap. Check out RodneyAlan on all platforms NOW!

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