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Rael Diaz is an upcoming Latin artist ready to take over the globe with his music

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“Amor Toxico,” a new song by American-Peruvian musician Rael Diaz, was just released. The Spanish ballad was influenced by an actual story that happened in the musician’s life and is based on a true storyline. The tough split he had through with his previous relationship in 2016 served as the catalyst for the song.
The song is about the two’s breakup. His ex-girlfriend wanted to find a means to express her rage at this trying period. She then went on to write a great deal more, anonymously, on a popular blogging platform. A few months after it was posted, she told the artist about the blog. Reading the blog, or the “letter,” she had written to him, brought back memories of reading it and thinking about how much of it was true for him.
The realisation was so powerful that he almost thought he had authored the blog himself. Rael has often reflected back on that blog because of how significant the experience was and how much he learnt about himself. Additionally, he made astute observations on his partner’s gaze.
In 2022, six years later, Rael was considering ideas for a new song when the same blog popped into his head. After reading the blog again, he decided to write the message into a song. Rael approached her about the concept because they get along well, and with her consent, he translated the blog post from English to Spanish before compiling it into a song and singing it. It’s important to note that he didn’t make any changes to the letter. It was a really significant melody for Rael because it was a song written just for him.
All this and a lot more have turned Rael Diaz into an up and coming Latin artist looking to take over the globe. He is making music and collaborating more and more with EDM, House and Techno artists. He also has a song called, El Anillo where he collaborated with German producer Mike Tunes who has over 2M streams just on Spotify. Rael also has more collaborations under way at the moment.

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