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Pat Hilton Has Turned His Dream Into A Reality

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Growing up in St. Louis, Missouri, Pat Hilton always dreamed of becoming a musician. He fell in love with music from listening to rock n roll bands with his dad as a young child. To this day, Pat Hilton has vivid memories of listening to Boston, Led Zeppelin, and The Rolling Stones with his father on long car rides together. Pat Hilton gravitated towards music because it gave him hope when going through difficult situations. He wanted to do the same for others, as those rock legends once did for him. He began specializing in the acoustic guitar and has been improving his craft ever since grade school.


Pat Hilton’s career is full of countless trials and tribulations. He spent many years homeless, living in his car playing small shows around the country. These years of struggle built up the perseverance, and resilience necessary to perform at the high level he now does. Pat Hilton caught his major break when Grant Cardone saw a clip of him on Instagram. Grant was impressed with his music and invited Pat Hilton to perform at his 10x growth conference. Overnight Pat Hilton went from playing at small boutique venues to a stadium full of 10,000 people. His career took off after that event, and now Pat Hilton travels the United States performing at high-level speaking engagements, as well as conferences.


The determination Pat Hilton exemplified on his journey to success is one everyone can look at and admire. When creating music Pat Hiltons message is “I want people to know that the struggles and the sacrifices they hear me go through in the songs are things that they can overcome in their everyday life too. I went from sleeping in my van homeless to performing on stage with the biggest influencers on the planet. If I can do it, they can do it.” The main intention behind Pat Hilton’s music is to inspire others, and show them what is possible when you don’t give up on your dream.


In the near future, Pat Hilton will be releasing an album series. This body of work will contain live performances from his events. The songs are all about overcoming obstacles, overcoming struggles, and the perseverance that it takes to become successful as an artist and a dreamer. His intention with this body of work is to inspire others and show them what is possible when you don’t give up on your dreams. Be sure to check out his previous body of work on Spotify, and follow his Instagram for daily wisdom.

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