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Jonnyfenn Loves Bringing Inspiration To Others Through Music

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Jonnyfenn, a Los Angeles-based talent, is transforming the industry day by day. As a child, he began playing music in Torrington, Connecticut. Growing up, he went to 12 different schools, constantly moving around. His father left him when he was in high school, and he has been estranged from him ever since. At 18, he was also homeless and worked dead-end jobs to make ends meet. To get him through all of this struggle, Jonnyfenn had music. Making music and writing helped him deal with his emotions and made him feel less alone. Music was always there when he needed it. At 21, Jonnyfenn moved to Los Angeles to surround himself with people who shared his passion for music. Jonnyfenn worked tirelessly to be taken seriously and surrounded himself with artists of the same caliber. Jonnyfenn has worked with many famous names including Joey Bada$$, Desiigner, Chxpo, Jim Jones, Dom Mclennon, Merlyn Wood, Kevin Abstract, Swoosh God, Curtis Williams,808 Mafia, Jimmy Wopo, Steven Moses, Maxo Kream, Le’Veon Bell, Lil Gnar, Germ, Suicide Boys, BrockHampton, and many more. With partner Ian Francis, he has also opened studios in California, Tennessee, New York City, and Connecticut.

Even though all his success, he never lost sight of who he is and what he stands for. Throughout his music, he wanted to reach fans emotionally and show them not to give up on themselves. In order to achieve your dreams, it’s important to believe in yourself. Also, he wants to let his fans know he has struggled and come out okay. Creating music isn’t possible for everyone, so he wants his music to be an outlet for those who can’t. Currently, Jonnyfenn is preparing to release two albums titled ‘U.G.L.Y’ and ‘WOW.’ Both albums reflect the raw emotions in Jonnyfenn’s heart. He produced, mixed, mastered, and recorded both records. Additionally, he was able to team up with many musicians, engineers, and producers in LA to get their input on his music and get some tips and tricks to help improve it. Follow the journey of Jonnyfenn on Instagram and you can find his music on Spotify.

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