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Ghost Gang Records by ‘Mazayah Legend Andrews’ Taking Over the Music Industry by Storm

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Mazayah Legend Andrews AKA Ghosti has always been in news since he started working, even from the early days the media has always been interested in getting an inside scoop of what’s going on in Mazayah’s life. After conquering the sports, authorship, modern day love life, merchandise industry in a very short time, Mazayah has recently started his new venture Ghost Gang Records, A music record label that is all set to change the entire game. It’s not a typical record label that would squeeze the talent out of artists and yet not give them back what they deserve or they are entitled to, at GGR it’s altogether a different ball game for talented individuals. At GGR it’s all about giving back to those who deserve.


A New Addition to Ghost Gang Records


Whatever Mazayah does, that becomes public real soon because of his growing fan following on social media and this is what happened when he announced about his upcoming record label. Within less than a week since Mazayah announced his record label, he has already signed Moises Johnson AKA Bowe Jack under Ghost Gang Records. Bowe was born on July 26th 1988 in Boynton Beach, FL. He started off his career as a writer and worked with many big names such as Florida, Rick Ross, Pretty Ricky and the list goes on. Later Bowe realized that he can rap too and he released his first song ‘REWIND’ in 2012. When he released his first song, then there was no looking back at all, he kept on writing for himself and started off on his own. Bowe Jack has a very loyal fan following and his fans have always stood by his side since he started rapping. After creating waves by his songs ‘Bandz Up’, ‘Wasabi’, and one of the recent songs ‘ICY’ got an amazing response by the fans in which Bowe Featured Safaree. Bowe is all set to release his new song before the end of this year featuring Baby Soulja. There are many more collabs expected now as he is signed under the GGR Label, it’s definitely going to be a big boost in his career because with GGR he has all the freedom to experiment new creative things.


‘Bros before ho*s’ this may be a saying to some but some people follow that by heart and live by that. Bowe Jack was a very good friend of Sean Kingston and he always had his back. The whole world knows what happened when a fight broke down between Sean and the Migos.


Bowe didn’t think twice before confronting the Migos, himself. Their friendship was so strong that Sean had even addressed Bowe in his song as his brother but who knew that this friendship will be over too, Bowe has always been a very honest and upfront person in his life and this is something not everyone can accept, so when Bowe refused to be a Yes Man, Sean ended this friendship without even thinking twice what Bowe had done for him. However, this incident didn’t let Bowe down and he continued the grind and came out of this incident victorious.


Media’s Favourite Child Since Day 1


A lot of people in this world live a stressful life and are frustrated at the same time. Some are under the stress of work pressure and that breaks them but some people like that work stress because it makes them work harder than ever and hustle constantly, Mazayah is one of those people who turn the work stress into unimaginable levels of success that one can only dream of.  As they say, what you give is what you get so It’s no surprise that Mazayah has always been the media’s favorite child due to his glamorous life which he has earned on his own without any support of a Godfather. Mazayah and Bowe share the same mindset and together they are all set to take the music industry to the next level, both of them started from the bottom and made it on their own. It would be exciting to see that who will be the next artist under Mazayah’s Label GGR?

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