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Tevya Spencer Makes Debut In Music Industry

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Tevya Spencer known as Tee T is an upcoming rapper/songwriter from Queens, New York. I am 22 years old. I started writing poetry when I was 12 years old, but then got into basketball. From then on, I played in high school all 4 years. Now, I play from time to time to get my mind right. Along doing that, I’ve also done spoken word as an elective which kept me close to my love of poetry. After high school, I tried out for my college basketball team but went on to do poetry instead. Life hit me after I graduated H.S and I started thinking what am I put on earth for. I had ups and downs trying to find myself. I dug deeper and realized music was something I was amazing at and can pursue a career in the music industry. With the release of 4 songs such as Feel like, DAMAGED, Reminisce, and Cupid; I gained 10k followers on Instagram. I love each and every one of my fans. Thank you for the support.
Social Media-
Instagram: tee_too cial
Twitter: @makaveli_tee
Snapchat: teethagoattt

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