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Nia Asiel Creating Powerful Music In New Single ‘Word on the Street’

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Nia Asiel is an independent artist from Chicago. When Nia Asiel was in kindergarten, she performed for special events. In addition to playing in plays, she participated in talent shows and open mics throughout the school year. Her musical interests also include piano and saxophone. From a young age, Nia Asiel was enthused by music and gifted in performing. She spent hours writing songs when she was a child, and that experience helped shape her into the songwriter she is today. Despite her success as an artist, she is most proud of the impact her music has on people around the world. Hearing that her listeners connected with her makes her feel fulfilled.

In Nia Asiel’s music, beats play an important role. To ensure that her sound is perfect, she constantly works with two producers. She is currently working with Matthew May and Hennen. Creating a powerful song requires them to be able to play guitar and a few other instruments, according to Nia Asiel.

“Word on the Street” by Nia Asiel is now available on all streaming platforms. She wanted to share a story through this song by illustrating how so many people survive on the streets. Nia Asiel has lost loved ones to her life, so she wants to let others know it is possible to survive. For the latest updates, follow Nia on Instagram. You can listen to her music on Spotify.

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