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Interview With Celebrated Rapstar Kyng Marlin – Talks Inspiration, Creative Process, New Music

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1. Who inspired you to make music

Growing up around the music
My older brother used to rap in the room
People on my block rap
I’m like I can do that , start off rhyming words
Then got good enough to make it make sense.

2. Music I typically create

I create harmonic melodies with catchy rap flows
And always staying on topic.

3.Creative process

First I scan through beats
Create a flow/melody
fill in the words, then create the verses.

4.who would I most like to collaborate with.


5. If I could open up for anybody

I’d open up for Ghetto Lenny lol
Snt jhn he got his own wave.

6.message to my fans.

I made music stop, I made music stop again
But I never gave up on myself so I definitely appreciate my fans who actually enjoy my music
And is looking forward to more from me.

7. IF I wasn’t making music.

I would be selling my own clothing brand
I just make for myself at the moment.

8. Internet impact on music.

It’s definitely a good thing
You have to grind to get you numbers up
It’s available for everyone hear you
It all about networking being determined
And promoting your craft until that one door open up. The internet reaches people you could of never reach before .

9. Best Advice I’ve been given.

Never give up, Never lose your hunger
And nobody will care about your craft more than you.

10. What’s next for me .

Waiting for Rockstar energy Drink to have my song in there commercials.
It only make sense being my single is called Rockstar lol.

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