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DJ Viggi is back to shake up the music industry with his new EP

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DJ Viggi was born in Bogota, Colombia, and adopted at age two by an Italian family.

He was flown out to live in New York City, the Bronx more specifically.

DJ Viggi had an older brother who was a big influence when he was very young and is the reason he developed an ear for music,  He fell in love with Latin music, including merengue, bachata, and reggaeton.

Viggi’s brother also introduced him to hip hop and I was put onto The Wu-Tang Clan, Onyx, LL Cool J, Shabba Ranks, and more….

“I just came to always listen to and lean on music to uplift me, always. I eventually moved to California and took up a career in fitness, but music always stayed the center of who I was.

I was instructing musically-based classes out of gyms throughout Southern California. I picked up a DJ controller and learned how to curate playlists and mixes on my own. My passion drives my need to make even more music” – DJ Viggi

Today, we caught up with DJ Viggi,

How did your background affect your journey and your current situation?

I always used music as a crutch in tough moments.

When I felt alone or down and had nobody to listen or talk to, I just wanted to be by myself… Music was always there for me.

Music was a way for me to still feel connected to source energy and work through whatever I was dealing with.

In my current situation, I’m using the music to bring energy and excitement to a show. I love seeing people move and smile to my music, that means everything to me!

What influenced you to become a DJ:

So many things, one interesting thing though is Avicii…

He and I share the same birthday, Sept 8th! This was inspiring to me at the time to say the least.

Avicii also being a Virgo, somehow made me believe in myself too! The name Avicii always to me sounded like “a Viggi”

My last name being Viggiano, I was often referred as “Viggi” as a nickname.

I’d love to live up to his hype and continue his legacy where he left off for the world.

It’s all about bringing people together, putting love into people’s hearts, and shoving bad energy away.

Was there a certain moment that was a turning point in your life:

Yes, I had a very difficult marriage recently come to an end.

It really lit a fire inside of me to pursue my dreams and go after my passions.

I am very mindful about how I use my energy to build something amazing.

I got back into music and reached out to my support group to ground me to continue becoming the best possible DJ/Artist I can become.

How did that help you shift to who you are today?

It really told me so much about myself and what I was able to manifest and attract in my life.

Who I let into my energetic space is something I am very selective with.

It really lit a fire in me to become greater than I ever thought I could become.

I’m extremely blessed to move on and only have good energies around me now.

Is there a life or business methodology you pursue/live by?

To improve the quality of others you must first improve your own qualities.

Make each day count and always pursue growth.

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