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A Gifted Singer and Producer, Louis Reflects on His Upcoming “Wonderland” Project

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Born into a musical family, Louis Seivwright has always been destined for the industry with the dream of becoming one of the top artists.

“I’ve always been musical; my family was always very musical, and my dad was always in bands, etc., when he was growing up. I’ve always been surrounded by it. We had home studios in every house I lived in growing up. I was 4/5 when I first started playing drums. I just understood music and how it made me feel from a very young age. Growing up, I then learned guitar, bass, and piano,” Louis explains.

Being exposed to the art of music at a young age significantly enhanced his innate talent, changing how he generally thinks and views the sector. To him, music is more than what meets the ear. It’s a special piece of art that transcends all barriers to communicate with everyone.

“I started to understand the theory behind music and certain cheat codes that would benefit me, like understanding scales and notes. For instance, realizing that every chord sounds the same on every instrument,” Louis asserts.

Today, Louis is known for his authentic and thrilling beats that are taking over the airwaves. His album Cloud 9 dominated the music charts for a while, and his next release, Wonderland, is levels above. The title single for Wonderland is special to Louis and is a classic example of how creative, entertaining, and thrilling his music can be. It’s a real body of work rather than tracks thrown together.

“It’s a real emotional rollercoaster. I feel like I’m finally making the music that I want to make. Since starting this album, my growth as an artist/producer has changed drastically,” Louis adds.

Essentially, the “Wonderland” single is part of the idea behind the Wonderland album, aiming to create something completely different. Louis prides himself on being a multi-genre-based artist. His music is characterized by creativity beyond one sound or genre.

This has always been his way of making music, as he never liked repeatedly listening to the same sounds. Louis is often fed up with hearing the same music all the time, especially now that music is very saturated. He has made it part of his brand to stand out as one of the few artists embracing musical diversity. He is working consistently to make something fresh and authentic that will also thrill his listeners and get them excited about his next release. 

“I feel like unless you stand out and make something different, then you don’t really have a chance of making a name for yourself. I just really wanted to challenge my own creativity and put myself in a different headspace,” says Louis.

Moving forward, Louis has more exciting plans for his loyal fan base. He is working behind the scenes on several projects, including music for three TV shows. The talented producer is also working on a full session of beats for an upcoming show. Louis also hints at ready singles that are part of his forthcoming album due for release later in the year.

“It’s been a very fast-paced year, but I have no plans of slowing down. I’m super excited to reveal the extent of everything I’ve been working on,” Louis sums up.

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