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5 Secret Ways to Promote Your Music Online

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Over the last decade, there have been dramatic changes in the functioning and promotion of the music industry. Contrary to traditional promotions, there’s so much room and infrastructure for young and independent artists to gain success through online promotions.

Instead of signing up with record labels and agents, many artists have started to invest their efforts in trying to gain Soundcloud plays or more Soundcloud engagement. If you’re just starting, here are 5 ways to promote your music online to gain recognition for your art.

  1. Leverage Streaming Platforms And Playlists

One of the straightforward ways to promote your music online is by leveraging music-streaming platforms like Spotify, Soundcloud, Amazon Music, Apple Music, and more. The pandemic has pushed people to listen to more music online and there are many agents who are trying to scout talent through these platforms.

Although popular platforms like Spotify give you a larger market, Soundcloud is a more relevant platform for niche genres and independent artists. Once you gain Soundcloud plays or Spotify shares, you can promote your music through word of mouth and more visibility.

Making your way into trending playlists is a sure-shot way to increase discoverability. There are several playlists based on genre and mood that are played by countless people. So get your song into these playlists to rack up streams and attract popularity. Once people start recognizing your music with these playlists, you can use that traffic to gain more Soundcloud engagement and more.

  1. Foster An Engaging Social Media Presence

A strong and engaging social media presence can do wonders for your music promotions. So don’t hesitate in using platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and Snapchat to inform your audience about your new releases, hits, tours, and more. Social networking sites are a great way to boost popularity as you can redirect your existing audience to streaming services to gain Spotify followers or Soundcloud plays. One way to intrigue interest in your followers is by posting teasers and sneak peeks about your up-and-coming projects.

You can also use these platforms to create a deeper connection with your audience by encouraging their opinions, response, and feedback. Show some behind-the-scenes or share your inspiration to solidify bonds and redirect traffic to gain more Soundcloud engagement. Aim to create a lively space that compels people to come back to your space and know you better through your music.

  1. Get Featured

The coverage one can get by getting featured in hip blogs and publications is no secret! If you want to build hype and gain credibility as a musician, aim to get featured on popular platforms to get the buzz on.

 Look for popular music blogs, niche blogs, and webzines to know their requirements, and craft a killer pitch to get their attention. Hiring a PR strategist is not always affordable for new and independent artists, so make sure to approach bloggers and journalists in the right manner.

Try to gain Soundcloud plays or break into playlists to be a part of interviews, song reviews, album ratings, and more. Another sure shot way to get coverage is by collaborating with another musician to get featured on their platform. You can also make lasting connections in the music industry that way!

  1. Play Live

Although tours and concerts have been restricted in these times of a global pandemic, technological advancements have made it easier to hold live shows. Musicians can hold live events and shows through social media, and the audience can have a blast from the comfort of their own homes. Going live on platforms like Instagram or TikTok can help you gain instant traction through real-time interaction.

Having several tune-ins can help you gain popularity and promote your music online. Once your show is coming to an end, you can also interact with your audience and redirect them to your streaming services profile to get more Soundcloud engagement and so on. Once you’ve built an engaging community of music enthusiasts or fan following, you can hit the road and take your music live shows to the next level. So plan out an e-live event on off-days and make it memorable!

  1. Interesting & Unique Music Videos

Filming interesting and out-of-the-box music videos can help you in going insanely viral in no time. Working on unique video ideas is a great way to draw attention to your music and help you gain Soundcloud plays. So work on creating something unique that hasn’t existed before, as you need to blow away your audience.

There are many singers who’re recognized for their music because of their unique videos. Childish Gambino, Psy, and BTS are a few examples, to begin with. Try to build a team consisting of a creative editor and an insightful videographer with a high-quality camera.

Whether you go for a quirky theme or a deep message, make sure your visual narrative is compelling and outstanding. Once people start vibing with your video, they’ll also tune in to your songs and start discovering other hits of your albums


We hope this article gave you some insights and actionable tips regarding marking your presence and promoting your music online.

However, it all boils down to one piece of advice: Be consistent with your artistic creation and promotion! Once you get a hang of online promotions, you can expand and become the next trending pop star!

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